Below we have described some problem situations that may occur when logging in with your account or using MFA. For each situation it is described what you can do best. If you are unable to resolve the matter or if your situation is not listed here, please contact the MRDM Service Desk.

If you don’t have your smartphone.

If you don’t have a smartphone, you can complete the authentication process using the recovery code you received when setting up MFA for the first time. You need to go through the following steps:

  1. Enter your email address you use to log in and click on the ‘Try another method’ link.
  2. Now enter your recovery code.

If you no longer have access to your recovery code, it will no longer be possible to log in. In this case, please contact the MRDM Service Desk.

If you forgot your password.

If you have forgotten your password, click on ‘Forgot your password?’ below the fields where you normally enter your name and password. Then enter your email address and you will receive a link to reset your password.

If your session has expired.

When you log in with MFA, there is a maximum of five minutes between the first and second step. You can see how much time has passed since the first login by checking the timestamp of the second step. If more than five minutes have passed, you must log in again with your password to request a new code or notification.

If you have set SMS as the second factor, also check the ‘texting-related problems’.

Als uw herstelcode niet meer werkt.

Wanneer inloggen met uw herstelcode niet meer lukt, dan kunt u contact opnemen met de Servicedesk van MRDM. Zij kunnen de MFA voor u resetten.

If you want to change the second factor.

This can be done by choosing ‘Try another method’ when logging in. If you previously used an authentication app, it will not be possible to select the SMS option. This also applies the other way around. If you want to adjust your choice, you can contact the MRDM Service Desk, they can reset the MFA for you.

If the QR code for the authentication app doesn’t work.

Controleer of u een geschikte authenticatie app heeft geïnstalleerd op uw smartphone. De volgende authenticatie apps zijn voorbeelden van applicaties die voor deze manier van authenticeren geschikt zijn:

Indien het niet lukt om een geschikte authenticatie app te installeren, maak dan gebruik van de overige beschikbare factoren via ‘Probeer een andere methode’.

If the codes of your authentication app are being refused.

Als de zescijferige code van uw authenticatie app wordt geweigerd bij het inloggen, dan ontvangt u het volgende bericht: ‘De door u ingevoerde code is ongeldig’. We vragen u om in dit geval te controleren of u het juiste account heeft geselecteerd uit de optielijst in uw authenticatie app.

Indien u zeker weet dat het juiste account is geselecteerd, dan kunt u nog controleren of de tijdsinstellingen van uw smartphone goed zijn ingesteld. Eenmalige wachtwoorden maken gebruik van ‘Coordinated Universal Time’ (UTC), dus uw apparaat moet op deze instellingen staan om de correcte code te kunnen ontvangen.

Op de volgende manier kunt u uw instellingen controleren:

  • Android apparaten – Ga naar Instellingen > Datum & tijd. Zorg ervoor dat de checkbox naast Automatisch is aangevinkt.
  • iOS apparaten – Ga naar Instellingen > Datum en tijd. Sta Automatisch inschakelen toe. Als deze mogelijkheid al is ingesteld, dan kunt u nog proberen om het kort uit te schakelen en direct weer in te schakelen (reset).
If your MRDM account on the authentication app (or the app itself) has been deleted.

In this case you can contact the MRDM Service Desk. They can reset the MFA for you, after which you can set up the use of the Authentication app again.

If you have not received a text message.

If you have not received your six-digit code via text message, please check that you have entered the correct telephone number. If this is the case, check whether you have sufficient range.

If you still do not receive a text message, please contact your carrier to find out if the messages are not being blocked.

Limits or error messages for text messages.

Note: If you try to send more than ten text messages to your phone within an hour, you will see an error message indicating that you have reached the limit.

If you have passed the limit, please wait at least an hour before attempting to login again with your password and text message. You will then receive a new attempt every hour.

Remind multi-factor authentication on your device.

You have the option to remember your MFA promotion for 30 days on the device and browser you are using. Switching the browser or clearing the cookies can reset them for 30 days.

SMS with a non Dutch telephone number.

At the moment it is not possible to use SMS as a second factor when using a foreign telephone number.

In this case, use an authorization app for the second step.

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