Welcome to DICA Support! Here you will find the following information: registration-specific information (downloads), DataEntry or DataConnect submission manuals, and information about our dashboards. Also, you are able to request accounts for our products and will find login information.

Information on how you can join an international registry and how to use our applications can be found by clicking on the registry below:

About DICA

DICA designs, develops and manages (inter)national quality registries for healthcare. DICA provides insight into the quality of care with reliable comparisons and analyses and the provision of target group-specific insights. With this information, they provide transparency in care processes and outcomes to improve the quality of care. Thus, we contribute to the continuous improvement of care, in regional networks as well as in the consultation room.


MRDM designs, develops and manages registration systems for DICA’s quality registrations, among others. MRDM processes the data from the hospital so that DICA receives only coded (pseudonymous) data. This means that the information DICA receives cannot be traced back to individual patients.

Service Desk

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