Codman Dashboards

Codman consists of a number of different dashboards each with their own purpose: 

  • Indicators: The scores on quality indicators defined for the registration are reported back here in graphs and tables. 
    Objective: Monitor the indicator scores and see how your own healthcare institution is performing compared to other healthcare institutions for various types of indicators.* 
    *The indicator dashboard is also used by the Transparency Portal for Healthcare to check the scores of quality indicators before they are passed on to third parties (ZiNL and IGJ). 
  • Descriptions: A complete overview of the registration including patient characteristics, treatment methods and outcomes can be found here for the own healthcare institution and the benchmark. 
    Objective: Get an easy overview of the registration content and descriptive statistics of all registered patients in a year of your choice. 
  • Exploration: The data translated into relevant outcomes for a self-selected patient population; among other things, outcomes of the treatment process, the course thereof and patient-reported outcomes (PROMs) are fed back on this dashboard. 
    Goal: Learn from your own data and recognise improvement potential by applying filters, monitor performance over time and place this in perspective by comparing with the benchmark. 
  • Patients: Outcomes relevant to the patient (e.g. complications, course of treatment and PROMs) are displayed per treatment option and can be made patient-specific by selecting filters. 
    Objective: Discuss outcome information of the treatment options for ‘patients like me’ with your patient. The dashboard facilitates and supports the conversation between healthcare provider and patient and contributes to shared decision making. 
  • Medicines: Data from quality registrations, DBC care activities and add-on medicines registrations are shown on this dashboard.    
    Objective: To gain insight into the outcomes of (expensive) medicines in relation to the costs.  

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