Phase 2: Set operational agreement

To process the uploaded data, MRDM will configure your organization’s settings, such as the upload scenario, the chosen file format and quality control. The data will be processed with an “update without NULL values scenario” (see “update scenario” below). This enables you to upload new dataset-records as well as existing dataset-records (changed or unchanged) without the risk of creating duplicates. 

Update scenario 

An ‘update’ allows you to upload new and existing dataset-records (changed or unchanged).  

General principles of the ‘update’ scenario: 

  • Existing dataset-records in the registry will be updated 
  • New records will be added to the database of the Standard Set 
  • The >dataset name<-id and id variables must be included in each upload as these id-variables contain the code that refers to your organization 
  • The latest delivered value (via batch or manual entry) on a variable is considered the truth and will be the value in the database 
  • Records that are already in the database cannot be overwritten with a NULL value (empty value). If you want to empty or delete a record you can delete this manually in the manual entry application. 

Processing the batch data with an update means that it is also possible to simultaneously enter data manually. This can be useful if part of the data cannot be extracted from the EMR.    

Note: do you manually change the data you have delivered in batch? This needs to be changed in the source system as well (e.g. EMR). This will prevent manual changes to be overwritten in a new batch upload with the (wrong/unchanged) value in the source system. 

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