Phase 3: Upload to connect-environment

During the connect phase, data can be uploaded in a ‘connect batch’. This batch-file is checked on compliance with the technical and (minimal) content requirements. This is also when organization specific settings are verified. 
Connect phase steps  
The connect phase consists of the following steps:  

  1. The organization delivers a batch-file to us via our DataConnect environment by choosing to upload a new data delivery with ‘connect’ selected as phase. 
  1. Based on this connect-batch the configurations for processing the batch are set. For example, within these settings the file format of the organization’s preference is included (XML or CSV). 
  1. The batch-file is processed using your organization’s specific settings. During processing the file is checked against required technical demands before it is validated. If the file does not comply to the technical demands, you will receive a report of the specific points that need to be corrected. 
  1. When the batch-file complies with the technical requirements, the (minimal) content-related requirements are validated. This step is also referred to as the batch validation. 
  1. After the content-related check (validation), a validation report is created and shared with you. If needed, you can adjust delivered items that appear to be incorrect or incomplete according to the validation report.  
  1. If the batch file meets the minimal content-related requirements, you will receive a notification that the connect phase is finalized and production batches can be delivered. If the file does not meet the minimal content-related requirements, the batch needs to be adapted. Once you have made the required changes you can upload the updated file. This will be an iterative approach. Note: during the connect phase no data will be imported to the database.  

Technical and content requirements 

When processing the connect-batch, the batch will be validated, based on technical and content requirements. 

Technical requirements 

The following technical requirements must be met for batches to be validated: 

  • The files always consist of the same file format as your first batch-delivery and complies to the requirements thereof (XML, CSV). 
  • The extension of the file name corresponds with the file format. For example: a CSV file with the name ‘connect-delivery.csv’ (not ‘connect-delivery.xml’). 
  • A consistent use of date formats when supplying CSV files Accepted date formats include:  
  • yyyy-mm-dd  
  • dd-mm-yyyy  
  • When a date format is selected you must use this consistently with all batches. 
  • When delivering the file in CSV-format, please use the same separator (;) and enclosure (“). 

Content requirements 

The content-related validation takes place after the batch has met the technical requirements. During the content-related validation we determine if the batch-file complies to the specifications of the standard set, as defined in the Data Dictionary (for CSV), or as defined in the XSD file (the structure for XML-files). The requirements that must be met, are: 

  1. The names of the variables must align exactly with the names of the variables as defined in the Data Dictionary and the XSD. 
  1. A consistent use of data types and corresponding values. A few examples: 
  1. For an integer, use only digits.   
  1. For a decimal, use digits and a dot (3.4). 
  1. For variables, where an option needs to be selected, these must match the numbered option sets as defined in the DataDictionary. E.g., available options in the DataDictionary are 1, 2, 3 and 4. Option 5 cannot be delivered. It’s not possible to choose multiple options for one variable. 

Note: what is described above are import blocking errors, which will prevent the entire batch from being processed. Next to these, there may be other errors that potentially influence the completeness and quality of data. These are mentioned in the validation reports.

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