Delete patient, episode, intervention, follow-up

It could happen that a patient- or intervention record was added that is incorrect. You can delete this record by opening the record in question, followed by clicking on the trashcan icon on the top right in the DataEntry screen. Next, you click on ‘delete patient’ to delete the patient record permanently (see the next figure).

Next, a control question is asked if you really would like to delete the record (see the next figure). If you click ‘Delete’, this deletion cannot be undone. So please pay attention to delete the correct patient.

Removing episodes, follow-ups, interventions and/or other datasets are done in a similar fashion. You open the patient record in question and go the needed data set. Then click on the trashcan icon where, for instance, ‘delete episode’ appears. Again, the control question appears on whether or not you are certain that you want to delete the data (Figure 16). Moreover, it is also possible to delete a patient record/dataset in the menu, by moving the cursor over the menu and click the trash can icon. (see next figure).

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