After you have entered the patient data, perhaps you would like to access the data for quality improvement, research or other purposes. This can be done by means of an export. The export shows all data from the registry in question, that has been entered by your provider institution. The export file is delivered in Excel file format, where different questions are reduced to a compressed name. For instance, ‘Prenatal ultrasound’ in the EPSA, will be reduced to ‘prenech’. This meaning of the variables and accompanying ‘option sets’ can be found in the data dictionary. The data dictionary can be found on the website: https://support.mrdm.nl/documentatie

So far, it’s not (yet) possible to make your own exports in DataEntry. If you would like to receive an export of the data, please send a request per email to servicedesk@mrdm.nl. In this request, please include the name of the provider institution and the registry for which you would like to receive an export. A precondition for receiving the export is that you are either a contact person for the registry from the hospital, or that you have a registry- / DataEntry account for the registry.

Next to that, we need your mobile phone number for sending a password for the export file. The export will be sent to you via ZIVVER. ZIVVER is a program that enables sending secured emails, and therefore can also send files with sensitive data such as patient data in a secure manner. You will receive a link to the ZIVVER-environment per email. Upon clicking on the link, you will receive a text message on the mobile phone number that you have supplied. After entering this code, you can open the message in ZIVVER and find the export file in the attachment.

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